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Is your cheese made with raw milk?

  Currently on any given cheesemaking day we are making some sort of fresh cheese (an example would be how on a cheddar making day we set aside fresh curd for sale as well as making wheels of cheddar to age). In the U.S. cheeses aged less than 60 days must be made with milk that has been pasteurized, so we do batch pasteurize our milk in the cheese vat. This adds about three hours to the cheesemaking day, but we feel the quality of the cheese is superior to that made with milk that has gone through the HTST pasteurizer (which means it’s been at a High Temperature for a Short Time, rather than a lower temperature for a longer time). Once we are in our new aging spaces we will begin developing some raw milk cheeses.

What type of rennet do you use?

  We use certified organic vegetarian rennet.

Do you offer tours?

  We have an Open Creamery Day the Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend every year. This is a statewide event put on by the Maine Cheese Guild, and grows bigger every year. Private tours are available by special request (fee based on the size of your group). Please contact Jennifer for more information.

Do you take interns or volunteers?

  Cheesemaking is not only physically demanding but requires an intense attention to detail. We may laugh a lot, but we take our cheesemaking very seriously and as such only accept interns or volunteers with a minimum of a six month commitment. If you are serious about learning to make cheese an internship is absolutely invaluable. Former interns have gone on to make cheese in Washington and Utah.

Do you offer classes?

  As we settle into our new Creamery facility in the big red barn we will be able to offer classes in the Creamery. From time to time Jennifer offers classes off-site (most recently at Stonewall Kitchen’s Cooking School).

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  • Crème Fraiche – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2007
  • Tally Ho w/ Peppercorn – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004
  • Rosemary’s Waltz – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004
  • French Herbed Curd - Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004