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Our History

Photo by Amanda DesRoberts.

   How Silvery Moon Creamery came to be: Cheesemaker and Co-owner, Jennifer Betancourt, grew up in Edgecomb, Maine and was blessed with the opportunity to learn the art of cheesemaking at the Squire Tarbox Inn on Westport Island. She followed her passion for cheese to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. There Jennifer majored in Animal Science, taking classes in microbiology and food science, as well as working to make Cornell's NY State Cheddar. At this point Jennifer dreamed of making a life out of cheese. She envisioned having her own farm, and milking sheep, making cheese from the milk and selling the wool to handspinners.

   Jennifer met her husband, David, at Cornell. They returned to Maine and wed. She worked for a few years in nonagricultural jobs, while her interest in cheese aged quietly. Eventually Jennifer realized she was wasting time. Inspired by a friend who was making beer at home, she started buying raw milk from Smiling Hill Farm and working on her cheese formulas in her apartment in Portland. With the support of an enthusiastic landlady she built a cheesepress in the pantry, and acquired two dorm refrigerators for aging. She'd sanitize the whole kitchen and the young couple would eat sandwiches or takeout until the cheese was in the aging coolers on Monday or Tuesday (fortunately there was a great Chinese place nearby).

   Eventually she approached the Knight family of Smiling Hill Farm and suggested they hire her to make cheese. They replied that they did not have an existing cheese business, but that they were impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit and would be interested in forming a partnership with her to create a separate entity/department at the farm Silvery Moon Creamery was born (in June of 2003).

   Jennifer and her husband, David, now live at the farm (in an apartment above the barn) and she works seven days a week, making cheese in the bottling plant on the bottling crews "off" days (5 days a week) and doing affinage and sales on the other 2 days. Through a Farms for the Future grant the farm is in the process of creating a separate cheese facility to house Silvery Moon Creamery in the original dairy barn. Jennifer is thrilled to be back at the cheesevat, and thrilled to be at Smiling Hill Farm. Her partnership with the farm allows her to focus solely on the cheesemaking, and with days starting at 4 a.m. and often going past 9 p.m. that keeps her busy enough. But honestly, on a cheesemaking day with the scent of the warm milk wafting up from the vat, and later the luxuriant silky texture of the curds as they slip between her fingers as she hand stirs them, just gently enough to remind them that they are separate individual curds and not a single mass, there is not another place on earth she'd rather be.

About The Farm

   The farm has been in the Knight family since the 1700's and though this 500 acre farm (200 acres of pasture, and the rest in woodland) is just minutes away from the Maine Mall, the Portland Jetport, Target, Walmart etc. the farm has maintained its lush rolling hills in the face of development and has also maintained a low stress environment for it's 50 registered Holsteins, emphasizing lifelong productivity. They are out on pasture 7 months of the year, and in the winter eat haylage from the farm's pesticide free pastures. The farm is well known locally for it's ice cream, glass bottled milk and butter. It is also home to a small sawmill and lumber yard, Hillside Lumber.


Contact Us

Silvery Moon Creamery
781 County Road
Westbrook, ME 04092
phone: 207-699-3170
fax: 207-839-3799

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Cheese List

   Click on the cheese title to see its description. From time to time we also have limited edition batches. Please let us know if you would like to hear when such rarities are available.

   Photographs on this page are by Jessica Verry, who in addition to being a gifted photographer and incredibly crafty lady (and now a new mama), was the assistant cheesemaker here for over a year. Many thanks to Jessica!

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  • Rosemary's Waltz

  • Tally Ho Plain or w/ Peppercorn or Dill

  • Hathor's Fortune
  • Sawet Wild

  • Crème Fraiche

  • Westbrook White

  • R&R Farmhouse Cheddar

  • Fresh Cheddar Curd
  • Herbed Curd

  • French Herbed Curd

  • Tuscan Herbed Curd

  • Smokey Maple Barbecue Curd

  • Camembert and Brie

  • Fresh Mozzarella and Applewood Smoked Mozzarella

Where to Find Our Cheese

  • Smiling Hill Farm’s Dairy Store in Westbrook
  • Belfast Coop in Belfast
  • The Good Tern Coop in Rockland
  • McKeen and Charles in Waldoboro
  • Blue Hill Coop in Blue Hill
  • Five Islands Farm in Georgetown
  • Bath Natural Foods in Bath
  • Morning Glory in Brunswick
  • Rising Tide Natural Market in Damariscotta
  • Lois’s Natural Market
  • Market Basket in Rockport
  • River’s End Farm in Boothbay
  • Rosemont Market in Portland
  • Rosemont Market in Yarmouth
  • Royal River Natural Foods in Freeport
  • Scratch Bakery in South Portland
  • Treats in Wiscasset
  • Whole Grocer in Portland
  • Spear’s Farmstand in Waldoborough
  • Enoteca Italiana in Kittery
  • Five Islands Farm in Georgetown
  • K. Horton's in The Public Market House in Monument Square
  • Spring Brook Farm in Cumberland
  • Vic and Whits in Saco
  • Sherman Farm in East Conway, NH
  • Artisan Made Food Store in Southbury, Connecticut
  • Venda Ravioli in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Farmstead in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Atwater’s in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Willimantic Coop in Willimantic, Connecticut

And other fine shops!

Restaurants featuring Silvery Moon’s Cheese include:

  • Duckfat in Portland
  • Frog and Turtle in Westbrook
  • Frontier in Brunswick
  • Bon Appetite at St. Joseph’s College
  • Sable Oaks Marriott in South Portland

Ask for Silvery Moon Creamery's cheeses by won't be disappointed!


From left to right: Cheesemaker Genevieve Johnson, Cheesemaker Dorothee Grimm. Rosy cheeked and smiling after a day cheesing it up in the creamery!

Genevieve Johnson can make every variety of cheese at the Creamery. Here she is stretching mozzarella.



We do offer our cheeses wholesale. We are distributed by Native Maine Produce (delivery in Maine), Artisan Made Northeast and Atlanta Gourmet Foods (delivery nationwide). Please call or email for wholesale information.

Phone: 207-699-3170
Fax: 207-839-3799

Rosemary's Waltz ­ One of our ACS award winners. This cheese has a fresh tart taste, and is coated in rosemary and a scattering of juniper berries. A nice slicing cheese, or it can be crumbled like a feta.

Rosemary's Waltz ­ One of our ACS award winners. This cheese has a fresh tart taste, and is coated in rosemary and a scattering of juniper berries. A nice slicing cheese, or it can be crumbled like a feta.

Rosemary's Waltz ­ One of our ACS award winners. This cheese has a fresh tart taste, and is coated in rosemary and a scattering of juniper berries. A nice slicing cheese, or it can be crumbled like a feta.

Proudly crafting award winning cheese at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine

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2 lb. Maine Cheese Sampler - $55
2 lb. Silvery Moon Sampler - $40
3 lb. Silvery Moon Sampler - $50
2 lb. Award Winning Sampler - $40
2 lb. Fresh Curd Assortment - $35
1.5 lb Fresh Cheddar Curd - $25
Set(6) ME Cheese Guild Greeting Cards - $12
Maine Crafted Cheese Board - $22

In the News:

Hot off the press!
SARE Farmer Grower Grant publication, "Current Options in Cheese Aging Caves: An Evaluation, Comparison and Feasibility Study".
Click on the PDF documents to view and/or download them:
Final Report
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 2.5
Scenario 3

Silvery Moon Takes Second Place Ribbon for Crème Fraiche at 2008 American Cheese Society Competition!


  • Crème Fraiche – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2008
  • Tuscan Herbed Curd – First Place, American Cheese Society, 2007
  • Crème Fraiche – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2007
  • Tally Ho w/ Peppercorn – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004
  • Rosemary’s Waltz – Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004
  • French Herbed Curd - Second Place, American Cheese Society, 2004